Online Guidance Program is  a unique, innovative and power packed program that we, at Saksham IAS Academy have come up with. This is designed to coach and guide the candidates to revise, assess and boost their progress for the preparations for CAP(P) 2019. Along with providing you with a proper course based schedule, we have a team of experienced counsellors who will promptly clear your doubts the moment you reach out to us. Additionally, we give you set of 25 question test daily which can help you assess yourself regularly. You can avail this course free of cost for 10 days after which you may join us at a minimal fee of Rs.1,000/- and make use of our fantastic platform from March 26th 2019.

Is it for Free??

We offer you this program free of cost for the first 10 days. This is to give you a trial of our enriching course and a glimpse of how our guidance methodology is different from the others. We leave it to you to decide whether you would like to continue the program from March 26th 2019 with us for a minimal fee of Rs.1000/- .

Duration –

The course will start from March 26th and will end before Prelims 2019, after which you will be provided with 4 full length tests to attempt. We will also hold an open session after the last full length test.

What do you get??

4 full length tests

25 tests daily

Counsellors for doubt solving

Telegram Group for the enrolled student for daily discussions

Guidance by the Toppers

All this at a very low fee !!

Schedule for the first 10 days

Syllabus Current Affairs Topics Date Source
• Political systems: concepts, forms and types
• Political system as established by the Constitution
• Indian Constitution: Historical Underpinnings, Evolution & Making of the Constitution, Features, Significant Provisions
• The Preamble
• The Union and its Territory
• Citizenship
January 2018 – Social Issues and Polity 01-03-2019 Laxmikanth/ D. D. Basu
Fundamental Rights till Article 19 January 2018 – Environment 02-03-2019 Laxmikanth/ D. D. Basu
Fundamental Rights till Article 32 January 2018 – International Relations and Security 03-03-2019 Laxmikanth/ D. D. Basu
Directive Principles & Fundamental Duties January 2018 – Economy 04-03-2019 Laxmikanth/ D. D. Basu
Amendment of Constitution, Basic Structure of the Constitution, Emergency Provisions January 2018 Art and Culture and SnT 05-03-2019 Laxmikanth/ D. D. Basu
Constitutional & Non Constitutional Bodies February 2018 – Social Issues and Polity 06-03-2019 Laxmikanth/ D. D. Basu
President, Governor, Prime Minister, Chief Minister February 2018 – Environment 07-03-2019 Laxmikanth/ D. D. Basu
Central Council of Minister and State Council of Ministers February 2018 – International Relations and Security 08-03-2019 Laxmikanth/ D. D. Basu
Parliament Till Rajya Sabha February 2018 – Economy 09-03-2019 Laxmikanth/ D. D. Basu



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PS: We don’t provide any printed notes or booster current affairs.